srijeda, 2. veljače 2011.

Hard Stance (Rare)

Hard Stance was straight edge hardcore punk featuring Zack De La Rocha on guitar before he sang for Inside Out.I don't know very much band i think they didn't exist much but very great band you can here very of influence NYHC youth crew.I don't know is that release i am posting EP "Face Reality" or "Hard Stance" can't find anything about them.On the release you can find 11 great straight edge and very fucking hardcore and very fucking good.The sound of release is very great they reminds me early crossover band like Cro-Mags,Suicidal Tendencies,DRI,Agnostic Front and great more bands and straight band like Youth Of Today.When they broke up Zack de la rocha formed a band Inside Out and when they broke up Zack formed Rage against the machine.I hope you will like them.

01.Is This The End/Torn Apart
02.Strength Through Strife
03.Face Reality
05.Clash Of Views
06.No One To Blame/Enemies
07.Quick To Judge
08.Our Turn


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