subota, 29. siječnja 2011.

Inside Out-No Spiritual Surrender

Inside Out was straight edge/youth crew hardcore punk from USA formed in 1988.This is first band of Zack de la Rocha (famous singer of band Rage Against The Machine.They played up and down the West Coast and even toured the East Coast once before their breakup in 1991. They had written material for a second record, to be titled "Rage Against the Machine" (whence the name for de la Rocha's next band came), but the band broke up shortly after their guitarist, Vic DiCara, left the band to become a Hare Krishna monk.Other members coming from great bands like Gorilla Biscuits,Justice League,Burn etc etc.I was very amazed to hear this fucking demo it fucking rules it reminds me on DRI,Sick of it all,Agnostic front,Gang Green all of the great bands in hardcore and mix with crossover.I 100 % recommended to download this fucking sick shit.

01.Burning Fight
03.By a Thread
04.No Spiritual Surrender


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  1. this link is dead, please upload again the record.