petak, 28. siječnja 2011.

Manic Subsidal-Hopeless (Rare)

Manic subsidal "know as The Offspring" was short-lived hardcore punk band formed in 1984.Subsidal were Dexter Holland (first at drums, then guitar) and Greg Kriesel (bass). The other members included were Doug Thompson (vocals) and Jim Benton (drums). After Doug’s departure, Dexter got on vocals and they continued as a three-piece. Year later 1985 Jim Benton was replaced by James Lilja and Noodles joined on guitar. This line-up recorded Hopeless and only known studio track recorded as Manic Subsidal is Hopeless featured on We Got Power Part II: The Party Animal in 1985.Two years after before they released I’ll Be Waiting/Blackball 7’‘ they changed name in Offspring, beucase when they first started they thinked that Manic subsidal is cool name for band but for 2 years after they changed their minds and renamed it in Offspring.Some interesting about Manic subsidal they maked song call "cog" later that song became Gotta Get Away.I hope you will like this one song.



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