nedjelja, 2. siječnja 2011.

Top 10 best post's on blog

Yeah its fucking new year.First of all we got over 100,000 people come on this blog thnx to all our really fans who supports the scene and got time to go on blog.In this post i will write for me best 10 post on blog.Let's go:

1.Chaotic Dischord-The Riot City Years 82-86
This bastards is for me a classic hardcore band.On this record contains 31 loud,fast and angry songs.They are lyrics are about againts pousing punx,punk scene in 80's and etc..

2.Faith&Void Split
Two great bands who made a legendary split in whole punk scene.On the record you can find 24 songs + Re-issue(On the blog we don't have Re-issue).In my opinion Faith is better than Void.

3.Negative Approach-Friends of no one
This Ep has recorded in 2010.I heard some story's that they record a ep in some basement.Legends in american hardcore scene i recommended to download that ep.

4.Boredumb-Testament to the Superficial
Real refreshing for Austrialn hardcore scene.I heard Boredumb for the first time for 2 months ago and decide to put them in the top 10 best post on Pankerijada.

5.Agathocles-Grind is protest
Pionirs of mincecore.They recorded a demo in 2008 which is contains 40 fast songs.They Lyrics is againts homophobia,sexism,racism and etc...

Anarcho/Grindcore/Crust band from USA.Discography is containing 47 great songs.

7.Citizens Patrol-S/T Lp
Hardcore Dutch band with new record i liked very much.

8.Icons Of Filth-Mortarhate Projects
Old School Anarcho band with their mates from Crass on the same label great record.

9.Raw Noise-A holocaust in your home
Hardcore/Crust/Grindcore/Anarcho band.First Edition of Raw noise two members of Extreme Noise Terror formed band Raw Noise.Later they sound like ENT.

10.Joey Ramone-Don't Worry About me
Classic record by one of member of Ramones(Joey Ramone).Its very catchy like Ramones and for me is Legen..wait for it..DARY :)

PS:I was thinking for writing 25 bands but is to much i know that i haven't put all of the great bands on blog maybe next year.


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