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Siege-Dropdead EP 1984

Siege was bostons hardcore/power violence band founded in 1983.They didn't fiting in Boston's straight edge scene.They performed most of their gigs further away in Western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The band played gigs in Greenfield with local hardcore bands DYS, Cancerous Growth, The Freeze, Outpatients, and Deep Wound, out-of-state at the Living Room in Providence, and at Anthrax in Stamford.In 1985 Siege was scheduled to play their first show in New York City at CBGBs with The Necros. Mahoney did not show up for the gig, and Siege disbanded shortly after. Williams later formed sludge metal band Nightstick.Siege was very influence to Napalm Death and Dropdead.Dropdead took name from siege demo name "Dropdead".For me this Ep fucking cut shits off.Its very angry,young,furios and fast.On Ep you can find 9 great songs.For me best song on Ep is Conform.I hope you like this shit.

1.Drop Dead
3.Life of Hate
7.Sad But True
8.Cold War
9.Grim Reaper


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