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Brat Pack-Hate The Neighbours 2008

Brat Pack is hardcore punk band from Nijmegen,Netherlands founded in 2006.Their style remind me on RKL(Rich kids on lsd) and some litlle bit Nofx influence.They released this in 2008 with 13 great songs.First when i heard them i didn't liked them true story :) but they are good to me now, litlle bit RKL and modern hardcore composed in very good mix.On this album for me best song is "See if we Care".Don't be confused if you ever heard CITIZENS PATROL beucase they are same not 100 % beucase vox of Brat Pack sings in Citizens Patrol but i prefer ratter Citizens Patrol beucase they are more hardcore to me.I hope you liked this.

01.Sick Burn
02.Spending Money
04.No Questions Asked
05.Hate the Neighbours
06.Self Pitty and Ingorance
10.Soft Money
11.Better of Dead
13.See if we Care


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