petak, 21. siječnja 2011.

Komunalni Otpad-Demo+Live

Komunalni otpad was punk/rock band coming from my hometown Osijek,Croatia.I don't know about this band much but i know that have marked punk scene in Osijek.This demo contains 13 songs and 17 live songs.First i heard about this band i think was 2002,but i was a just a kid in this time haha :).For few years i don't know i was searching for this demo and finally i founded on this blog I've made you a tape check it out this guy he is ex singer an guitarst from Borci protiv pokvarenog sistema(B.P.P.S.) great blog.Let's talk about demo for my taste demo is good for nineties but they sound like 90 % croatian punk rock bands today , but I do not mind beucase scene in Croatia was very shitty in nineties i cant say that Croatia didn't haved a great bands in this times but don't enough.Check out this guys,i hope you liked them.

PS:Sorry for bad english i am now very drowsy :)

1.Dzungla od asfalta
2.Svijet u lancima
4.Kad si sretan
7.Kišna glista
8.La Bamba
11.Meso je najbolja hrana
14.Svijet u lancima (live)
15.Kišna glista (live)
16.Dragi sine moj (live)
17.Siromastvo (live)
18.R'n'r (live)
19.Demokracija (live)
20.Leševi (live)
21.Siromaštvo (live)
22.Mirko Fodor je peder (live)
23.Odmakni se (live)
24.Ne ostavljaj me (live)
25.Rodjen na tlu (live)
26.Meso je najbolja hrana (live)
27.Ranovej (live)
28.MDC (live)
29.Rodjen na tlu (live)
30.Kišna glista (live)


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