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Caustic Christ-Lycanthropy (2006)

American bastards from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania formed in 2000.When Bill Chamberlain guitarist from The Pist decided to forme band with guitarist/vocalist Eric Good and bassist Corey Lyons of Aus Rotten they formed a band called Caustic Christ.Their style is mixed with early American hardcore(Black Flag,Negative Approach) and some crust and Swedish and Finish scene.In their music you can hear that their songs is to much very similiar with Aus Rotten its fucking good but their for me are more influenced by Black Flag and Negative Approach.If you are fan of this music Black Flag,Negative Approach,Aus Rotten,Behind Enemy Lines you will love this twats.I hope you liked them.

1.The Caustic Curse
2.Doesn't Anyone Want To Impress Jodie Foster Anymore?
3.Public Service
5.Mirroring Punching
7.The War Has Come Home
9.Standing In A Circle...The Ballad Of Ukla Van Oopenstein
10.Government Job
11.Meet The Neighhbors
12.Sadist Society
13.Postcard From Hell


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