srijeda, 26. siječnja 2011.

Assuck-Anti Capital+Blindspot

Assuck was an anti-capitalist and anarchist grindcore and deathgrind band from Florida founded in 1987 to 1998.To me one of the greatest grindcore/death metal bands ever.This 2 release fucking rules fucking powerfull and furious.Assuck's drummer was one of the best grindcore drummer in this times,i don't know it's that true but i readed somewhere.Who loves grindcore/death metal with anarchist lyrics you will love this guys.

1. Socialized Crucifixion
2. The Thousand Mile Stare
3. Population Index
4. Dogmatic
5. Spiritual Manipulation
6. Feasts Of War
7. October Revolution
8. Procession
9. State To State
10. The Perpetual Cycle
11. World Of Confusion
12. Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes
13. Page By Page
14. Sterility
15. Body Politic Equation
16. Anticapital
17. Epilogue
18. Wall of shame
19. Suffering quota
20. Parade of the lifeless
21. Bloob and cloth
22. Automate
23. Within without
24. Blindspot
25. By design
26. Spine
27. Infanticide


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