petak, 7. siječnja 2011.


Yeah this guys coming from my hometown Osijek,Croatia.They are playing Electro/New Wave/Post-punk very good mix.But this is not their album i downloaded from youtube beucase i can't find any download link, i don't have idea what is name of album and when they are started a band but i know only one thing that are very good performers on stage and very good performing a good songs.On this songs you can find many famous songs cover like What is love (Haddaway) Come back and stay and etc....If you are freak for music like Joey Divison,Depeach Mode and many old greedy bastards you will liked them.

1.Captain space
2.Come back and stay
3.Dance like you are sick
4.Dressed in white
6.Feeding tube
7.Like a lollypop
8.Mad Max road warrior
9.Praxitens at the scene
10.Pred diskotekom
11.Solid as rock
12.What is love


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