četvrtak, 27. siječnja 2011.

RKL- Unreleased last demo (RARE)

Yeah I finally got this crap of demo just kidding i was very amazed and shocked they fucking rule on the last unreleased demo.Jason on this demo fucking sing like he never get older but he fucking deceased in 2006, R.I.P. man.I don't know about this release ANYTHING i dont know why people writing that demo is released in 2004 then i saw 2005 then 2006 i dont know fucking when is released its your decide,but i think this demo is released after jason death.I saw somwhere that they are on hiatus but they never be like with Jason that's very sadly .On demo you can find 6 great Rock'n roll songs ;)for me best song is Don't take Us.I wanna thank to my friend Rubi who gave me this link check out her blog CHAINSAW POP and Koca from Debeli Precjednik band who ripped this rare shit thnx man very much and i hope you will like this last demo of RKL.

Peace (A)

1.Don't take Us
2.Maiden Goleta
4.The Kookie
5.Twisting and turning
6.What happens next


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