ponedjeljak, 14. veljače 2011.

Check it out this ! ! !

Today i will be wrting about one blog.Its called Totalno sam ljut.Its a project by Jule and Hoc.On the blog you can find all bands and projects where have worked together or separately 20 years ago.Among others there are Anti otpad,Bolesno grinje,Desinence mortification,Eluj,C.O.H,Rostiglio,Dilber bend etc. etc. Check it out this guys support them. On the blog i founded some rare stuff i didn't find for ages that's fucking great.

PS:No other music will not appear on the blog and in the future they will put a new releases,gigs etc etc. I hope you will like such a great blog.

Chears !!!

Link for the blog

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