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Youth Brigade-Possible EP

Youth brigade was very fucking short-lived hardcoe band from Washington DC.Possible EP was the only release in their short lived carrere.Band started in 1981 and break up in 1981.Nathan Strejcek (ex-Teen Idles) and Danny Ingram formed Youth Brigade. After playing with a couple different bassists and guitarists, they settled on Bert Quieroz (The Untouchables, Double O) and Tom Clinton on guitar.Although Youth Brigade existed as a band for less than a year, they are still considered an important part of the DC hardcore punk scene, influencing many other bands and bandmembers (most notably Bert Queiroz), and forming other bands such as Double-O and the highly influential post-hardcore band, Rain.The title of their only release, the Possible E.P., came from Ian MacKaye stating that "there might be a possible EP by Youth Brigade release" on his Dischord Records.This release have 8 great song but i wanna say that this is not Youth Brigade from LA.I recommended this such a great release to download.Cheers!!

01.It's About Time That We Had A Change
02.Full Speed Ahead
03.Point OF View
04.Barbed Wire
05.Pay No Attention
06.Wrong Decision
07.No Song
08.No Song II


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