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Moderat Likvidation

MODERAT LIKVIDATION is a Swedish punk band from Malmö formed in 1980 by guitarist Per Berglund and singer Patrik "Fjalle" Wisemark.

The name "Moderat Likvidation" is Swedish meaning "Moderate Liquidation", where "Moderate" refers to the Swedish conservative Moderate Party.

In 1982, in the line-up with Stefan Elfgren (drums), and Clifford "Cliff" Lundberg (bass), they made the first recording of the famous song Nitad. The band considered this first version a rough demo, but it was this version that got broadcast on Swedish national radio, which led to instant "fame" for the band. The song is also noteworthy as it captures the Swedish D-beat trend in a nutshell. Together with Anti Cimex Moderat Likvidation was the first Swedish band to pick the beat up, and use it on many of their tracks, although Moderat Likvidation never totally went into the D-beat genre, staring themselves blind at Discharge as many others, but tried to stick to the development of their own sound as well. Nevertheless, the song Nitad, when it came, was the fastest, most brutal D-beat song recorded in Sweden, and Europe. Also worth noticing is that it was in Malmö where the notion and expression D-beat first was coined. Before Malmö 1982, no one used the word. This word was, naturally, in Swedish (D-takt) but it spread, first through-out Sweden and then, thransformed into English, all over the world.

After their breakthrough with Nitad, the band went through a transformation where Fjalle left the band to be replaced by Torbjörn "Tobbe" Sjöberg on the lead vocals. In this line-up they recorded and commercially released the self titled 7" EP Moderat Likvidation, later commonly referred to as the "Nitad EP", since the first song on the EP was the re recorded version of the song (even faster it may be added). Together with Tobbe they also recorded and released the cassette Anti Fag Music (Ägg Tapes, 1983), which led to a lot of discussions and missunderstandings about their political convictions. The title of the release as well as the title song Anti Fag has nothing to do with not liking homosexuals. It was just a play with words and something silly and nonsensical to say - hence funny -, which becomes clear to anyone who knows swedish and reads the lyrics of the song. The song was written in the studio and references Johnny Bodes Bordellmammans visor.

Both these recordings were made in the fall of 1983. But whereas the cassette was released shortly after, the EP had to wait until spring 1984 to be released, due to lack of finances. They had to pay everything themselves, and as they were all unemployed, it took some time for them to raise the money. There weren't any organized raw punk labels around in Sweden by that time so bands had to do it themselves, which is what punk is all about anyway. The EP is therefore released on their own label Kuknacke Records

In the beginning of the summer 1984, the band broke up as a result of inner conflicts and turmoil. By that time Moderat Likvidation had grown to be a force to be considered, and the name had started travelling the world. Not once did they get the opportunity to play outside of Sweden, but when they broke up they had contacts and plans for a smaller tour in Finland and England and a longer one in Italy. Nothing of that happened, and the members all went off in different directions, hardly keeping contact with each other, one exception being Fjalle and Cliff who dabbled together in Black Uniforms for a while. Then Fjalle went of to Los Angeles, USA for 15 years and the threads between the former members disintegrated.

In 2006 the band was reunited much thanks to Stefan who got in contact with Fjalle. The former singer was moving back to Sweden and could tell that Moderat Likvidation was a quite acknowledged act "over there". Stefan contacted Per and Cliff and got the first interested, but the latter not.

The practical work of the reunion all took the shape of straightening out some general misunderstandings about what is a bootleg and what is not. Per and Stefan were in personal keeps of the original 1/4" master tapes and hadn't been neither consulted nor asked about providing anything to the Distortion Records release "Kuknacke" in 1991. Much to their dismayno profits had reached them either. The whole thing was foul play, but they also understood that much thanks to the Distortion release their name had lived on to meet a new generation punk rockers. But they felt they really wanted to make the release "their own", so to say. AND, the sound quality would of course improve dramatically making a pressing from the real masters than from a vinyl EP and a ordinary cassette. So they looked around for a suitable label and found many interested ones from around the globe. They settled for Havoc Records (USA) and made a total reissue of their catalogue. This came in the following guise: 3 different 7" EP's: Marionett i Kedjor, Nitad, Köttahuve, first released in a special and limited "boxed" edition with some parafernalia and the vinyls in three different colors (which led to confusion since the colors got mixed with content so people would have to by the entire suite and swap the records to get it right), followed by an unlimited pressing with the 3 EP's sold separately and in ordinary black vinyl. After this it was time for the CD release Never Mind The Bootlegs, which contained all the material compiled toghether in the cronological order of original recording





2-White Rastas
4-Marionett i Kedjor
6-Brända Celler
7-Tio Timmar
8-Enola Gay
12-Sne 83
14-Anti Fag
15-Magasinet TV intervju
18-Dodens Barn
19-Tio Timmar
20-Enola Gay
22-8 live tracks (Nitad, White Rastas, Tio Timmar, Marionett i Kedjor, Kuknacke, Moderat Likvidation, Nitad


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