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Slime was a German punk rock band, founded in 1979 and disbanded in 1994. The pre-Slime band was called Screamer, and the post-Slime band is – contrary to the occasional rumors – not Emils (Slime backwards), but Rubberslime, with the member Elf. The band was founded by Elf (Guitar), Eddie (Bass) and Ball (Peter Wodok – Drums). Some months later, Dirk joined as vocalist. Christian joined the band in 1980 as second guitarist, and Ball left in 1981 and was replaced by Stephan Mahler. Slime were very influential to the German punk culture and their first album Slime I was actually the first German punk album banned. They are often considered to be the prototypical German punk or deutschpunk band.
Notable songs are "Deutschland muss sterben (...damit wir leben können)" ("Germany must die (... so we can live) (an allusion to "Deutschland muß leben, auch wenn wir sterben müssen" (Germany must live, even if we have to die), a World War I motto), "Bullenschweine" (police pigs), "Polizei SA/SS" (police SA/SS), comparing police to the SA and SS and "A.C.A.B." ("All Cops Are Bastards"). Slime produced many albums in the first years. They sang song against war (e.g. We dont need the Army), and they made a punk anthem with the song Hey Punk. They even produced songs against their government (They don't give a Fuck), their justice (Gerechtigkeit - means fairness), their police and their politicians (Sand im Getriebe). The song Yankees raus (Yankees out) is against imperialism. The following years, the neo-fascism in Germany was rising more and more, so they felt dutybound to sing against them.




"COMPILATION '81-87"(1990)

1. a.c.a.b.
2. demokratie
3. on the run
4. bundeswehr
5. artificial
6. paranoia
7. no values
8. wasted wasted
9. we're always gonna win
10. ain't gonna take it
11. don't give a fuck
12. yankees raus
13. nazies raus
14. legal, illegal, scheissegal
15. polizei polizei
16. never wanna leave
17. tv song
18. hey punk
19. wish i was
20. karlsquell
21. streetdfight
22. we're alright
23. yankees out
24. 1,7% blues




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