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State of Alert

State of Alert were fronted by Henry Garfield, who would later rise to fame as Henry Rollins. They formed in October 1980 and disbanded in July 1981. They released a ten song 7" EP titled No Policy and contributed three songs to the compilation Flex Your Head, both on Dischord Records. The EP was financed by Henry since Dischord wanted to afford releasing the first Minor Threat 7" as well.

S.O.A. played a total of 12 gigs in and around the eastern US, their first on December 6, 1980, in Washington, D.C., and their last on July 10, 1981, in Philadelphia.

Henry Rollins
Michael Hampton
Wendel Blow
Simon Jacobsen
Ivor Hansen

LOCATION:Washington, D.C., USA

YEARS ACTIVE:1980 - 1981




1. Lost in Space
2. Draw Blank
3. Girl Problems
4. Blackout
5. Gate Crashers
6. War Zone
7. Riot
8. Gang Fight
9. Public Defender
10. Gonna Have to Fight


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