utorak, 26. siječnja 2010.

VA Tampere Vs Portland EP


1-Absurd Attitude - Cry-Laugh
2-Kaaos - Muistatko Lapsena
3-Pause - Grief For Winners
4-Riistetyt - Herää tai kuole
5-Blood Spit Nights - Lottery
6-Atrocious Madness - System Hellstorm
7-Funeral - No Sings Of Life
8-Warmachine - Yuppies Out of Punk


3 komentara:

  1. Hey man, i just deleted my reply to your "comment" on my blog when I saw your notice about that mindless comment using your blogger account. I'm sorry to hear that you've been hacked. I guess you already changed your password by now. More power!

  2. zakon kompilacija..ovo mi je jedan od najboljih, ako ne i najbolji post ovdje..hard core!!..