četvrtak, 21. siječnja 2010.

Nofx-Rare Demo Tape(1984)

NOFX's first recording was a demo from 1984, produced by Germs drummer Don Bolles, which did not sell any copies. The only people who possess this rare copy were either the people who made it or the people they sold it to. It is an incredibly rare collector's item. Many have been uploaded online, but barely any are valid. Fat Mike claims no copies exist anymore.

copyed from wikipedia


1. Instrumental
2. Thalidomide Child
3. Righteous Cause
4. Bang Gang
5. My Friends
6. NO F-X
7. Ant Attack
8. Play Politics
9. Play Politics


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  1. waouuu your blog is fantastic , i never see a thing so wonderfull , i will pass the rest of my life trying to be a great guy like you
    i love you !!!

  2. NOFX totally does sound like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Dropdead. I am glad you have such precise ears and such an appreciation for the subtleties of punk.

    best blog ever!

  3. Pankerijada,
    Sorry if that comment was not from you. I removed my rant & the original comment. Whoever posted the comment was logged into a blogger account that is identified as yours & is linked to your blog. I was maddest about the fact that the comment was left on every one of my posts & that on my posting of Flipper 1982 demos, someone claiming to be you said I stole the link from your blog. I did not & have not even seen you post up that musick. If I continue to get harassing comments & they are logged into blogger under your account, I will have to notify Blogger, just to rectify the problem.