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Artificial Peace-Discography

Artificial Peace was formed by Pete from Red C along with Mike, Rob and Steve of Assault and Battery. They were solid and fast and they quickly managed to build one of the largest followings of all of the early bands. They were one of the first DC area bands to play out of town, always making it a point to announce that they were from Bethesda, a city just across the DC line in Maryland. Ian recorded a 19-song demo with them at Inner Ear, and three of those songs appear on the "Flex Your Head" Sampler. They also released a split 7” with a band called The Exiled on the Fountain of Youth label. After Artificial Peace dissolved in 1982 Pete, Steve and Mike went on to form Marginal Man and Rob later joined Government Issue and played on their '83 US tour.

02.Against the grain
04.No escape, no excuse
05.Enlisted man
07.Wild thing
08.War path
11.Spook surf
12.Enemy minds
13.Dead end
14.This means war
15.Artificial peace
16.Outside looking in
18.Fixed truth
19.Enlisted man
20.World of hate
21.The future - think for yourself
22.Dead end
23.Someone cares
24.Outside looking in
26.Against the grain
27.Never too old
28.War path
29.Dead end
30.Danger uxb
31.Self destruction
33.I’m watching you
35.Assault & battery
36.Force it
37.Missing in action


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