nedjelja, 10. svibnja 2009.

SS Kaliert-Addiction

SS-Kaliert started as a 4-piece in April 2003 in the Ruhrpott region of Germany. After changing bassplayers the band startet gigging heavily in Germany which caught the attention of Kassierer Wölfi who put out the bands first 7" "STAND UP & FIGHT". The Band added a 2nd guitarplayer & played even more live all over Europe. in 2005 the Boston based label FNS RRECORDS put out a s/t 7" for the US Market. Later that year the band teamed up with the PUNKCORE RECORDS from NYC who released their debut full-length "DSKation" in 2006. From 2006 up to now SS-KALIERT played 2 US tours, 2 Full European tours, a Japan tour & has played almost everywhere in Europe. Inbetween they released a split 7" with MOUTH SEWN SHUT from Boston on RAZORBLADE-MUSIC & a Japan-tour split CD with FUTURELESS SYSTEM from Saporro on E.A.S.T PEACE RECORDS. Get Addicted by the new Abum "ADDICTION" on RAZORBLADE-MUSIC (CD) & MANIAC ATTACK RECORDS (LP). Await the bands most aggressive, melodic & best produced stuff ever put out.
SS-KALIERT is not a racist, fascist, nationalist, patriotic or nazi-band, neither is S(SKA)LIERT a SKA band, or preach any kind of politics in their songs. SS-KALIERT is 120% fast & furious PUNKROCK, with no compromise in their lyrics – NOT MORE… NOT LESS!!!





02.Ich hasse dich
03.Make war not love
04.Until we strike back
08.Wahres feindbild
09.International chaos
10.Society's victim
12.Der käfig


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