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Dr. Aids-Necroquegucntcore

Around about October 2008 Son Of Salmon Rushdie (Son of Ilsa) found Agz on the internet after months of back & forth contact the guys met up for the first time in about 17 years went on the ale had a great laugh, few months later a new band was on the cards! It took months to sort out finding a bass player & guitarist. In the mean time we wrote songs we thought wouldnt be ever sung or played (!) Role onto 18th of August 2009 the name change from our mess around band of the late 80's (Barfin Aliens "Rest In Noise" read more in blogs) & the emergence of Dr AIDS! We'd found 2 of S.O.S.Rushdie's mate's willing to put up with our drunkeness.....BEHOLD.............., Mr Sidney "Vicious" Baily on bass & General "Broken Bones" Zod on guitar. Finally the 12th October 2009 we've had our first praccy (Without Sid who had flu!)...Dr AIDS is coming to infect you!! Early Feb 2010 Zod's left the band & on 15th Feb "Petch"(Ulant Bastard) joined the band! Were back properly from March 2nd 2010! Now lets crack on with it YOU FUCKIN CUNTS! May 2010 Sid left the band due to us changing praccy days (Thanks all the same matey & we hope you do Belsen when we play live with us) July 17th 2010 the demo NECROQUEGCUNTCORE was made Played,Mixed & edited in 4 yes FOUR FUCKIN HOURS cause we are as punk as fuck!!



01.Katie Price Fuck Off To Jordan
02.Die Kyle Die!!
03.Captain Paedophile (Leave the kid)
04.Ballad Of A Pre Op Tranny Cuts Of
05.The Ice Cream Man


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