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Flannel Mustache Films & Cat Party

Flannel Mustache Films is the new film label created by old friends Andy Miller and Robin Moore, based in San Francisco, California. Besides creating short, narrative films, like their recent release 'Marathon Man', they've started a series of live music short documentaries, the first of which is with Southern California, post punk three piece, Cat Party. Stay tuned for more in depth films about underground music and musicians.If you wanna see videos check out this link

Flannel Mustache Films

Here some video

Cat Party: Perspectives in San Francisco from Flannel Mustache Films on Vimeo.


Cat Party is a 3 piece punk band from Orange County. For the past four years they’ve been consistently playing shows and putting out vinyl. Jigsaw Thoughts 7“ (Rich Bitch 08’), Cut City/Cat Party split 7” (Monoton Studios 08’), Self Titled LP (Flat Black 09’), and Heartache Over Headache EP (Flat Black 10’). Their sound has the influence of some of the early Orange County bands but with it’s own identity. They have toured most of the west coast and plan on keeping it up as well as spreading through more of the globe. . There’s another split 7” due to come out any day now. Also a new full length record is due out after the new year. Touring will soon follow. Keep on the
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