četvrtak, 9. lipnja 2011.

Rest In Pieces-My Rage 1987

Rest In Pieces where crossover/hardcore band from USA.This release sound like bands Hard Stance,Inside Out and etc.I don't know very much about this band but i know that this is band very underrated and that's very sadly.This release contains 14 great songs and featuring Armand Majidi and Craig Setari of Sick Of It All.I hope you will like this great release.Cheers&Peace !!!

01.Old Gey Mare Stomp - Stark Raving Nude
02.Toys R Us
03.Army Of God
04.Not Worth Shit
05.Keep Your Distance
07.Joe Ignorant
08.Fools Of The World
09.Waste Away
10.Bitter Mind
11.My Rage
12.Spooky Song
14.Chinese Fortune Cookie


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