petak, 17. lipnja 2011.

YDI-Out For Blood

YDI yeah another great band.This is the whole discography of their unreleased and released demo's album's etc etc.This release contains 37 great rare songs.Their style are very dark and angry and i hope you will like this great release.Cheers&Peace !!

01.Out For Blood [Demo]
02.Not Shit [Demo]
03.Rizzo's Cumming Back [Demo]
04.Another Day [Demo]
05.Zombie Youth [Demo]
06.Mad At The World [Demo]
07.Friends [Demo]
08.Categorized [Demo]
09.Why Die [Demo]
10.1983 [Demo]
11.True Believer [Demo]
12.Snarling Hate [Demo]
13.I Killed My Family [Demo]
14.Get Up And Fight [Demo]
15.8th Man [Demo]
16.Not Shit
19.Mad At The World
20.Out For Blood
22.Another Day
23.Get Up And Fight Zombie Youth
24.Why Die
25.Enemy For Life
26.I Killed My Family
27.Not Without A Fight
28.Get Out
29.Soylent Green
30.Violently Raped
32.Haunted House
33.Dying Day
34.Murder Is So Sweet
35.In Ignorance
36.My Hell
37.Black Dust


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