četvrtak, 18. ožujka 2010.

Let Them Know-The Story Of Youth Brigade And B.Y.O. Records

01.Bouncing_souls-young till i die
02.Off with their heads-headlights.ditch
03.Nofx-no more lies
04.Youth brigade-misfortune
06.Blue collar special-believe in somethin
07.The cute lepers-future dreams
08.Young Governor and marvelous mark-domination
09.Pulley-wrecking crew
10.Pennywise-were gonna fight
11.Filthy thieving bastards-its empty
12.American steel-dead and broken
13.Johnny madcap and the distractions-the ballad of johnny x
14.In the red-little white god
15.Shark soup-fade away
16.Dropkick murphys-fight to unite
17.Wednesday night heroes-foreign policy
18.Anti flag-1000 miles
19.Complete control-victoria
20.Old man markley-were in
21.The ignorant-keep on
22.Subhumans (canada)-piss on you
23.Ch3-scratches and needles
24.Lower class brats-pill box
25.The briefs-who is who
26.krum bums-hating every minute
27.Ashers-in the night
28.Matt skiba-I scream
29.nothington-all the way
31.7 seconds-sink with california



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