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Ungovernable Resistance(DIY RADIO)

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DIY Radio for the scene.

Genuine DIY Radio not backed or supported by any bull shit organisations.

You can now also find us on the DIY Collective web site 'Screaming From The Gutter' which hosts all features from the Ungov blog & has links to our show with a sep player!

You can find Screaming From The Gutter at diy radio, news, reviews, & more!

a lunatic playing noise.

100% Resistance, 100% DIY!

Ungovernable Resistance: Wednesday's 7-10pm UK/8-11pm Euro/2-5pm EST (North America)/3-6pm South America (Bra) & Saturday's: 6pm-9pm UK/ 7pm-10pm European time/ & 1pm-4pm EST (North America)/ South America 3-6pm (Bra).

Music featured: D-Beat, Crust, Punk, Hardcore, and Crossover, Crust Grind, Political Grind, Non Corp Grind, Stench, & Power Violence. Craziness is also part of this show. Anti establishment radio or whatever I feel like with a soundtrack to match.

For airplay contact

blogger page: for DIY news


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