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Short bus window lickers-St. Vicky 2004

The Short Bus Window Lickers started up in 2000 when they kicked a DJ off the stage in the Button Factory squat in Brixton (south London) and played their then only 10 minute set 3 times in a row introducing the London punkscene to their fast and furious scumbag hardcore punk. They started playing gigs in and around London almost every weekend at benefits, squats, pubs and clubs and built up a reputation of being fast, tight as fuck, always up for playing and most importantly: havin a sticky sense of humour.

In February 2004 the Short Bus Window Lickers recorded their demo CD 'St.Vicky' of which Mark must have flogged about a million on the Camden Lock bridge. Unfortunately in May that year Darragh (The Restarts) had to leave the band as he was too busy with his study and didn't have the time to carry on playing in 2 bands. His last gig with them were the 1st Hackney Punx Olympix on May 28 that year at the (late) Poison Club squat on Dalston Lane, which by that time had almost become a second home for the band. Szmalec then joined the band on drums and the Short Bus Window Lickers started extending their playground to the rest of the UK playing gigs with bands like the Varukers, Discharge, Icons Of Filth, Sick On The Bus, UK Subs, Riot/Clone, Disorder, Broken Bones, Oi Polloi, Inner Terrestrials, The Restarts and P.A.I.N. to name a few.



ST. VICKY (2004)

01.Fuck nose maniac.mp3
02.Sticky vicky.mp3
03.Tooth for tooth.mp3
05.Piece of meat
06.Another fuckin hole
07.Burn the bridges
09.Brown bread
10.Flowers in shit



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